Home Sweet (Dream) Home

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Have you ever thought about your ideal dream house? Close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting inside your picture-perfect house: what would it look like? Many people dream about what their lives will look like in the future; “what will I be doing with my career?” “will I have kids, and where will we live?” “who will I be married to?” These questions could go on and on. Some people even have pictures laid out on Pinterest for what they expect their houses to look like.

When I was very young, I would sit in my room and draw pictures in my sketchbook of what I hoped my “Princess Castle” would be like one day. I would sketch large rooms, a giant backyard with tons of room to play, and even an indoor pool and spa! I’m sure others did the same, but maybe on a different platform such as Pinterest, a social media site where they can save beautiful pictures that are separated into boards. I asked around my community to see what others had to say about their dream house and if they had ideas in mind already of their future home.

Priscilla Jacobson, a junior at Memorial High School, has always been interested in decorating and interior design, so I reached out to her to ask how she pictured her dream house. “My dream house would have an open-floor plan with big sliding glass doors to create a beautiful indoor-outdoor atmosphere” she states. Her inspiration stems from Pinterest and even Zillow.

While some may imagine a specific layout of their future home, others may imagine the memories they will create in that home. “My dream home would be a home that is comfortable, peaceful, welcoming, with a picturesque view to enjoy as I sat by my fireplace starting outside. My home would be a spacious place for family and friends to always feel like they are at their home away from home”, says Stacey Pirtle, a local interior designer. “Simple clean lines throughout my home which would give a sense of simplicity, yet full of items that each time I look at them flood me with cherished memories of loved ones”.

The excitement that comes with dreaming and planning out your future is so special; the idea that you can create the life you want for yourself. So what does your dream house look like?