El Club Español

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Memorial is not even a month into its second year and already the campus is buzzing with sport events, performances, clubs and other extracurricular activities. For some, joining clubs is a tedious must-have for decorated college resumes. For others, it’s a way to connect and meet other students who may not have come into your social circle otherwise. I was lucky enough to talk with Taveion Neasman, a sophomore who attends Memorial High School and is a member of the Spanish Club.


(Note: The Spanish club is for all students who attend Memorial and wish to expand upon their knowledge of the Spanish language and cultural differences. It is not required that you take a Spaish class to attend the club.)


Why is it important to you to be involved in extracurricular activities? 

I believe being involved in extracurriculars is so important! It proves a sense of belonging and you are with a group of students who are interested in the same thing that you are!


Were there any fears or doubts you had about joining the club?

I wasn’t necessary nervous or scared to join the Spanish Club. I had a few doubts that I would be too busy this school year but so far that has not been the case!


Would you recommend this club for other students and why?

I would recommend the Spanish Club for everyone, even if you aren’t taking a Spanish course! You get to learn about a different culture and celebrate everyone’s differences that make the world a unique place.


What appealed to you about this club that lead you to join it?

Well I am currently enrolled in Pre-AP Spanish II so thought it would be fun to extend my learning in the classroom to learn more about the culture of Spanish speaking countries!


Is this the first club you’ve joined? If not, how does it compare to other clubs you’ve been apart of?

This is not the first club I have joined. Last year I was apart of Student Council at Memorial and I feel like the Spanish Club is a lot more of a personal experience. There are a lot of kids in StuCo but not as many in Spanish Club so that’s a major plus!

(Kelsey Byrd, MHS staff writer)