The Student Activist Union

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Memorial is filled with unalike and compelling clubs that people can meet and talk to others with similar interests. One club at school, the Student Activist Union, offers a space to express feelings and address issues in the political world. I had a chance to talk to the club’s president Ainsley Carter, Memorial’s Black Diamonds’ Captain, about her union: 


Q: Give me a small summary about your club.

A: The Student Activist Union encourages social activism, self-advocacy, and political involvement in Memorial students, aiming to increase voter regristation and awarenesss of social issues. 

Q: Who are the leaders or officers of your club?

A: Presidents – Ainsley Carter (12) and Arianna Gonzalez (12), Vice President – Kevin Jimenez (12), Secretary – Alexa Summers (10), Treasurer – Kaitlyn Miller (12). 

Q: What gave you the idea to start this club? 

A: I chose to kneel during the National Anthem during my time as a highstepper at Heritage High School and participated in March for Our Lives 2018. Once I got started with peaceful protest and activism at Heritage, I knew I wanted to provide a safe outlet for Memorial students to do the same. 

Q: What can people expect to do/learn when joining your club?

A: In our club, we help provide people with resources to register to vote, inform students of social and political issues, and hold peaceful, healthy debates over the current political climate and how we can make a positve impact through activism. 

Q: When and where does your club meet? 

A: We hold meetings every other Thursday before and after school in the library!


Thanks for the information Ainsley! Rememeber, MHS has a variety of clubs that may pertain to more of your interests. The point is to meet new people that have similar passions as you and exploring that more in depth together.