Honoring Our Heroes

In the upper halls of Memorial High School, quizzes were passed out to groaning students, tests were taken with nervous ferocity and lectures were given to a very bored and unresponsive audience. But just downstairs in the library, something magical was taking  place. Around the tables decorated with patriotic napkins, colorful cupcakes and walls adorned with soldier cutouts, a large crowd of people came together and united under one premise- to honour our country’s veterans. 


Some were strangers, bonded only by their connection to the military (rather it was their service or a loved one’s), but regardless an aura of familiarity was birthed as the stories of our country’s heroes were shared. “My name is Torrance Reed and I was in the United States Marine Corps,” the Memorial staff member said. He continued by elaborating on the impact his service had on him “It opened my mind to a lot of things that were close before…being in the military, you get to see a lot.” 


A consistent theme of the brunch seemed to be the morals that military service can instill in one. “It taught me a lot of discipline,” veteran William Mears said “…and to always take care of all the people around you.” Furthermore, Memorial staff member Reed Bond continued this line of thinking by saying, “I served in the US Air Force… being in the armed service is a great way to acquire leadership skills. I would highly recommend it to anyone” And for anyone looking for further clarification on the significance military involvement has on one’s identity, look no further than the wise words of veteran John Hudson. “I served in the air from 1969 to 1973,” John Hudson said, “I came back (from service in Thailand) and I was a changed man. And I grew a love for this country. There’s nothing like being an American citizen.”


Throughout the lunch, the consumption of classic American snacks and laughs shared on funny stories, the feeling of celebration never faltered in its prominence. On every person’s mind the knowledge that heroes were among us was never lost, and that it was these hero’s sacrifice that allowed the freedoms we were currently enjoying. Understanding this, Memorial, it’s staff and students, salute the brave men and women who fight for the ideals that this country is based upon.