Fires that Devastate Australia Unite the World

Someone who is not privy to the situation would think the photos were a depiction of hell. With orange haze all around and tremendous flames seemingly devouring any life in sight, the once lush and vivacious countryside now scorned to a landscape of desolation and ash. The photos and videos that have circulated on social media illuminate the grave situation Australia faces as over a million acres are engulfed in a historic megafire. Alongside pictures of torched wildlife, the knowledge of the gravity of the bushfires have spread, with news outlets writing on how the bushfires have claimed the lives of one billion animals and killed twenty six people. With this information being common knowledge, people from around the globe have found themselves inspired to take action in a variety of ways to assist the citizens and animals of Australia. 


Much of the money that has been donated to Australian services is in part thanks due to the large celebrity presence around the story. The popular Thor actor and proud Aussie Chris Hemsworth joined forces with his brother Liam Hemsworth to donate around $687,000. Other famous Australians who have pitched in to help their vulnerable country include Rebel Wilson, Hugh Jackman and comedian Celeste Barber, whose fundraiser as seen on Facebook has raised over $32 million dollars. It’s not just famous Australian personalities who have contributed to charities. L.A billionaire and TV personality Kylie Jenner donated $1 million dollars to relief efforts, as well as talk show host Ellen who rallied her supporters into donating $500,000 via a GoFundMe page. 


Furthermore, it is not just money that people have offered up in the fight against the bushfires. Many Aussies have been photographed giving water to terrified and parched animals, rescuing burned and battered koalas, with others going as far to use their cars and houses as a shelter for animals from the impending flames. Moreover, the widespread coverage of the crisis has rallied thousands into joining the fight against global warming. Thousands of Austrailans took to the street to protest government inaction on climate change, while celebrities such as actors Russel Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix used their platform to raise awareness on the international threat towards the planet’s environment. 


Despite the unity that the world has shown in face of Australia’s crisis, bushfires continue to rage on and devour acres of land. With thousands of houses already destroyed, with even more to come, and several species of animals in danger of extinction, the passion and empathy that has possessed celebrities and normal people alike cannot falter or dwindle. Instead, a continued effort to support firefighters and aid reaching Australia, as well as global and administrative acknowledgment of climate change and how to fight it are what every human being needs to take part in to stand with the beautiful people and animals of the country down under.