Occupation Station

Staff writer Lauren Adkins gives some tips and tricks to help students snag the job.

Entering the work world in high school is intimidating for many teenagers. From the tedious application process, to the nerve-wracking interview- the principle of having a job while also attending high school is fundamental because it teaches you financial and time management, establishing a strong work ethic, and many other life skills that are a necessity in life. 


The first issue that arises is deciding where to apply. Finding a job that you’re interested in that’s also hiring, filling out the pages of personal infomation while convincing the potentional employers that you’re fit for the position seems like a chore. When deciding where to apply, more is more. Any location that even remotely peaks interest should be applied to. Applying to a large amount of locations will also offer easy access to more options and make finding a job even easier versus simply narrowing your focus onto just one job. 


The application itself should also be well thought out. When applying, put down reliable references that are aware you’re going to be utilizing them. The number one rule that should be followed is to always always remain honest on the application. Let your own accomplishments speak for yourself, and if your resume isn’t as impressive as you’d like, show an eagerness to grow. Employers understand that high school students have more potential than accolades, and this will be taken into account. 


After the application is reviewed, next comes the interview. With the interview comes many things to consider. Firstly, it’s completely normal, and even expected, to be nervous in the time leading up to the interview. Fake it until you make it, and walk into the interview with confidence, but not cockiness. To help boost your personal confidence, you should dress to impress. This will give you confidence in what you’re saying and in the image that you’re portraying. Since first impressions are made within the first 7 seconds, looking your best gives the optimal first impression to employers. Body language during an interview can also greatly imapct the outcome. You should stand up straight and make eye contact. It’s important to smile and also not fidget.


In conclusion, aquiring a job during highschool is important to establishing responsibility, life skills, and also maturity for the future. In my opinion, working hard is the key to success in life and getting a job at a young age can help establish a work drive. Everyone who can, should get a job in order to help learn skills for the future.