The Impact of Covid 19 on Athletics


Due to covid-19 many things have changed this year, including the athletics programs.

First off,  football, cross country, volleyball and team tennis will have a delayed start to their seasons, concluding in the first day of practices being September 8th.

Also due to covid, students that are not a part of the athletics programs or drill team will not be allowed to attend these games. Students are indeed allowed to watch these games live online though on the NFHS network for about $10.99 a month. Now, in order to sign up for this network, all you have to do is go to the website, and select the All-Access-Monthly plan. All you really need is a valid email to create an account. There also is an Annual Pass for the network which is $69.99 if you would like to get that instead of the monthly pass. If you get that pass, you select the school of yours that you may want to support and that school will receive a portion of the money you paid for your subscription.

But, if you don’t mind waiting a few days; these games will also be available to watch online for free 72 hours after the game if you don’t have an account or pay a fee.

This network does have benefits though because, for one, it allows the students to watch over 30 sports in 50 different states. . In addition to regular season games, the NFHS Network allows students to even watch state playoff and championship games for 44+ State High School Associations in the United States.

Anyways, you can find more info here at