Why everything feels uncertain what we can do to be better


Covid -19 has taken over the world and everything does not always make sense we are 7 months in a pandemic and we still have no idea what’s going on in the grand scheme of things 

Life as we know it has changed and compared to everyone else who seems to be getting back to regular life as they have taken care of and done everything in their power towards the issue. 


We are still behind which is why we can feel that much more alone. As our leaders are failing us as a nation we sit and watch it all unfold. I believe it shows that the foundation this country was built on is cracked and is continuously doing so. I think we can all finally see what’s really happening in  a grander way than we ever could before because we were forced to sit down and pay attention to things happening around us.   

Maybe this was the wake up call we needed in order to grow as people and just be better . I don’t think we will ever understand why this has happened but these are harsh lessons that will maybe push us to be different as a whole to move differently than we had to ,to break down and stop what does not work and it’s clear things haven’t for a long time.


The future is uncertain but what we can do is work together and stop the hate, listen to each other and make the changes needed, give what belongs to others and let people  be seen.

We need to put our ego and pride aside and just pay attention and watch what’s the real issue here? Who needs help and what can we do to fix it ? I also ask that everyone is gentle with themselves and others as these are difficult times and to just be aware.