Do you Know who you are ?


Note:(this story reflects the views of Karalyn Brown only as this is her personal story)

We always hear about how important it is to be yourself ,to speak your truth and be honest with how you think and feel but honestly that is hard to do especially  as a teenager  it is difficult to open up and have the confidence to just be you when the world can be hateful especially with the presence of social media with us at all times.


Through therapy sessions from the ages of 15-17 I have learned to unapologetic  with who I am as I to continue to grow and change. Knowing who you are can be confusing because that’s constantly changing. It definitely was and still is for me.

Before I went to therapy and learned to be honest with what was really going on in my head I would always try my hardest to pretend to be something I was not. 

I tried so hard to have no one know this about me to the point I did not recognize myself. I became anxious and worried about what  my family and friends would  think. 

There was always a part of me that I ignored , a part of me that was lying and not accepting the truth about myself , I knew deep down what it was but never wanted to deal with it until now and I mean truly deal with it.

 Until one day  I heard the song “Lights up” by Harry styles  and the lyrics “Do you know who you are”  struck a chord in me  because up until that point I had been denying a clear truth that was finally coming to light. A truth I was finally able to accept.


 I’m bisexual. 


And I am done denying it ,for the first time since this pandemic as it has clearly shown how short life is ,I was able to finally accept myself truly despite what the world may think . I am free. to anyone out there who feels the same or similar I hope you can find the courage to be who you are despite what anyone says or thinks because no one else’s opinion of you matters other than your own .Bisexuality is valid. There is no changing it. There is no changing me. Love is not a choice and Thank you for listening to my story. 


Karalyn B.