Why communication is key


With the announcement of the new President of the United States, and the tension people may be feeling right now as covid still rages on in our lives, I wanted to speak about communication and how we can learn to communicate better with each other. 


In order to ultimately start the healing process in this country ,the world or even just starting small with our school community right here at Memorial. It is clear we are all feeling a lot of emotions right now and may not know what to do with them or how to even react.

I’m letting you know it is okay and for right now just feel .Feel everything whether it is joy,happiness,anger or confusion whatever it may be feel it.

 Communication is key because it leaves out misunderstandings while speaking to others. It makes dealing with situations and conflict more easier as you’re able to ask;

What made them upset ? What is the issue ? while in conflict you may think nothing is wrong it may not even affect you, but something must be making the other feel a certain way. You have to ask why and remember it’s the people vs. the problem. Not the people against each other.

Knowing yourself and how you communicate with others is important to talk about because oftentimes it makes things easier; it makes sharing and opening up easier and it makes you more comfortable with being yourself and makes the other understand and know how you  communicate. This is needed in order to solve the issue efficiently.

Every time you speak you give out energy. You give out pieces of who you are ,how you think, and perceive the world. It works the same way when you speak negatively and against yourself and to others because words have power and weight. Speaking your truth and saying what’s on your heart is important but make sure its positive intent without malice or hate. We have to analyze ourselves and others in healthy ways and figure it out together.

I encourage you to learn your own ways of communicating because we can all benefit from bettering ourselves and learning what did not work in the past in order to better the future.

At the end of the day we are one people, it is humanity against the virus we have to put our pride and ego aside in order to beat this because we have the power to do so. We can turn it around and we can be better.