Covid -19 cases spike due to Thanksgiving Holiday

Dallas county reported 3,303 new cases over the holiday weekend as North Texas hospitals surge beyond capacity. The new cases are from Thursday through Sunday due to the Thanksgiving Holiday.


 There has also been an increase in school related cases since the beginning of October. People who have suffered from the Long term effects of covid have reached the highest peak  of worsening cases since the start of the pandemic. 


Under Gov. Greg Abbott’s plan to revive the economy, businesses started reopening in May. But Abbott paused further reopening plans and scaled back others in June, telling one TV station he regretted reopening bars too quickly. 


As of Nov. 29, the state has reported 1,157,273 confirmed cases in 254 counties since the pandemic began. Collin counties cases have also spiked. Collin county total cases : 26,192