Hitting the pandemic wall


(source CNN)

As we near the one-year anniversary of the pandemic and associated social distancing measures, kids and parents alike are grieving the end of how our lives used to be. It doesn’t even matter how dramatically kids’ lives have changed, experts say. The fact that disruption has become normalized is traumatizing enough.

Across time zones, age groups and socioeconomic lines, young people appear to be hitting a breaking point that developmental psychologists are calling the “pandemic wall.”

Feelings of Covid fatigue arise as students everywhere are completely over their work and assignments ,the zoom calls and missing friends. Although some schools offer in person learning it is not offered to everyone causing  the stress and worry of getting sick is the reality for students. A student claims that their experience has been wary. 

“Whichever way students choose to learn they both equally come with its challenges. For in person learning you have to limit contact with peers making the experience not the same as everyone has to consistently be extremely careful”.

It has been a strange time as students may remember exactly where they were last year when the pandemic initially hit the United states. Causing some to feel overcome with high emotions. This upcoming anniversary may be hard for some students to process as it has really been affecting everyone for so long. Others may not have even officially processed last March. 

” I truly cannot believe that its almost been a year since this whole thing started … I haven’t even gotten over Last March and its here again”.

It is encouraged to talk to the people that are there for you and to check on loved ones during this difficult time.