5 Alarm’s Big win

5 Alarm’s Big win

On March 6th, 2021 the cheer world held virtual awards for one of their biggest competitions, NCA.

The team, 5 Alarm, took home the title of national champions. After having a rough time with the snowstorm and injuries they pushed through all of the obstacles that were thrown their way and made it out on top. 

“When I broke my nose a week before we had to start getting ready for NCA, I didn’t think that I would be able to compete but I knew my team needed me so I pushed through my injury”, said Daniyah, a member of 5 Alarm. 

In cheer, athletes push their bodies a lot which causes a lot of stress and injury. It has also been scientifically proven that doing competitive cheer can add years to your body because the impact that is taken on the body is very significant. But the reason the athletes push through them is because of the love for the sport.

“NCA has extended submission dates due to our weather issues”, said Head Coach Brittnee

In the middle of NCA, there was a snowstorm and this threw off the entire schedule. The teams were out for a whole week and received a much-needed break but that also set them back a little bit. When they came back into the gym after that break everyone was a little stiff because they had just been laying around all week and not moving. But the coaches fixed that very quickly by making more practices.

“The kiddos asked me if they could have one more shot at a routine so they can come in from 7:30-9”, said Head Coach Britnee

At the practice before 5 Alarm did a good routine but then, after all, agreed that they could do better. So the whole team all came into the gym and gave it their all and did a great routine. And just a few weeks later they found out that they had won. 

“The work is worth it” the NCA (National Cheer Association) slogan.