Q&A: Shereen Amirah of Mama Pita

Q&A: Shereen Amirah of Mama Pita

Shereen Amirah, The owner of Mama Pita restaurant, Plano, TX, and her journey of opening a small business.

Question: What does it take to own a small business?

SA: To own a small first you have to have enough money to open a business secondly to have full experience in the work that you are going to do.

Question: What is your experience working in the restaurant?

SA: I have become very experienced in restaurants in terms of distributing the staff and striving for the form and speed in preparing food, whatever quantity, and maintaining complete cleanliness in the restaurant.  

Question: What are your career goals? 

SA: My career goals are getting success and to get more than one branch and reach Arabian food to more people around the world. 

Question: Why did you choose to open a Medittiranean restaurant?

SA: First, because I excel in making Arabian food, and also I enjoy and love my work.

Question: What do you feel when you make food for customers?

SA: When I prepare food, I feel happy as if I am preparing food for my family and at the same time I always strive to master the work to make customers happy.

Question: How do you advertise the food in your restaurant?

SA: I advertise through social media to get more people to know my restaurant.