How to understand your birth chart in Astrology (Beginners)

(Note: These views reflect Karalyn Brown only and do not reflect the views of the entire staff)


Please keep in mind this site will give an in depth analysis of who you are and Will reflect your personality. Tread lightly because this chart is not just a fun personality test that will make you feel good it will tell you about yourself, things you like about yourself and things you want hidden away. 

This is based on your life and how you move through it. There is math and data behind birth carts as it is a tool to help you understand yourself  and others better. It’s better to know someone based on spending time with them than finding out about zodiac or their birth chart, do so after and with permission because humans are complex and are not defined by their chart as you have free will.

 If you don’t want to be surprised or not ready to see what it has to say I would refrain from doing so. It’s better to be open to it then to potentially get hurt.



As you may or may not know I am really into Astrology but more specifically understanding and breaking down a birth chart. Today I will  make a step by step list on how you can interpret your own birth chart as a beginner. 

What is a birth chart?

To start we need to understand what Birth chart even is. To make it simple,I like to think of them as a snapshot or a picture of the exact moment of when you were born,  which is the day,exact time and place specifically the city. This is also how you can find your zodiac sign(s) but keep in mind it is more than just seeing if your a Virgo or Gemini when you understand how to read or interpret them (which we will discuss soon).

How to look up a Birth chart 

Before you can interpret what your birth chart means for you. You first need to figure out where to even look. As a beginner it’s easy to get lost or confused. I sure know I was ,but a site that’s friendly to beginners is Cafe Astrology. It’s great for when you want the basics while learning. I personally use this site all of the time to learn so much as it’s super detailed.

 Once you are on the site you need to have 3 main things while putting in your info.

-The exact birth time

-City you were born in

-Your first name.

How to ‘List’ your birth chart

Now that you have your birth chart  you should  see a circle with lines everywhere next, scroll down  until you see the zodiac signs appear the chart looks like a rectangle. You will now find out what your zodiac sign(s) are. It’s better to write them out on paper because it makes it more cohesive.

-List out all of the planets listed

-List out all of the zodiac signs 

Bang Chan's Natal Chart || SKZ Birth Chart || March 15. 2019 | Stray Kids Amino

-List out the houses (find them in between paragraphs)

-List out the degrees 

 Your main 3 signs Sun ,Moon and rising (Ascendant) are the most common that everyone might be familiar with, although you may not understand everything you wrote I will go more in depth on each section in more articles to come but for now utilizing the site will offer ways for you to understand what it all means.

 My goal is to help simplify it even further. If  you want to follow along as I help break  down the general basis of a Birth Chart, I will do a deep dive into each aspect as today was just listing out the chart. This series will go over Houses, Planets ,degrees and more. stick around for more on the way!