Inspiring Black-Owned Library Finally Finds a Forever Home


The importance of literature and the necessity for racial equality are two messages America is once again learning loud and clear- but what about combining the two themes together? OlaRonke Akinmowo just did that when she created her pop-up Free Black Women’s Library that celebrates the diverse work of African-American female authors. Now, her inclusive library no longer has to travel as it finds a forever home in Brooklyn, New York.


The idea of  the Free Black Women’s Library was two-fold. Not only did Akinmowo want to celebrate authors who were Black women by sharing their work with the country, but she also wanted to encourage young Black girls to see themselves represented in the collection of over a 100 books. However while the intention was generous, the trip to transport books around the community was not. Akinmowo would have to lug around dozens and dozens of books, up and down steps and back and forth on streets. Needless to say, she began to envision a future where the library could take a permanent residence somewhere, while also having a car to still transport books around. 


That dream would soon become reality when a GoFundMe page would raise over $100,000 for the Free Black Women’s Library. Akinmowo was shocked by the generosity of strangers across the nation, telling Today “I was humbled and blown away and surprised. I was feeling really affirmed, like, ‘People really believe in this project and think it’s a good idea!’ I want to make people proud. The fact that I was able to raise it in such a short amount of time is something I’m super grateful for.” 


With the support of Americans across the country in mind, and a refreshed vision for the project, the Free Black Women’s Library is sure to go long and far. After all, the library was never going to fail with OlaRonke Akinmowo’s unstoppable determination behind it. Akinmowo’s success is bound to make the world just that much better than the day before.